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We love weddings and events and will help transform your vision into an amazing day. Today's couples are sophisticated, savvy, and smart. With an infinite amount of information online, many couples choose to incorporate DIY elements as part of their wedding and event plan, and we love that!


 Amazing DIY Weddings and Events understands that a DIY event has different needs.  Our DIY hostesses and brides are creative and want to create an amazing event that is their own. We will never push anything onto our clients, but will rather show you the best way to accomplish your goals. We will show you the best ways to complete the DIY aspects of your wedding, as well as the best vendors for you for those items you want a little help with.


 Amazing DIY Weddings and Events offers a full range of services that we can customize to suit your needs. The end result is that you have an amazing event, a planner who understands DIY events, and who intimately understands your vision.


Amazing DIY Weddings and Events keeps it simple. We are here to help and you in any way we can to give you your amazing day.


Erika DuVal

Founder of Amazing DIY Weddings and Events


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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a DIY Brides, why do I need a planner? Can't I just do everything on my own?


The Short answer is yes, you absolutely can do everything on your own and pretty much eliminate professionals at your event all together. But the real question is, do you want to? Wedding planning and coordinating can take as much as 200 hours of your own personal time.  DIY flowers can take 8-12 hours of your precious time. So, if you have the time and inclination to do it yourself, then by all means, enjoy! However, if you want a little help, guidance, and structure to the planning of  one of the biggest days of your life, then consider us. We will help with organizing your wedding, securing reliable vendors, and ensuring everything is completed successfully. We also love DIY and have fantastic resources for your DIY projects.  


I'm a vendor, why would I work with a company that promotes DIY? Doesn't that take away my work?


Absolutely not! Part of the process in planning and executing a DIY wedding is to be realistic with what DIY projects make sense, and which ones don't. If a bride is thinking of doing her own flowers, we will sit down and do a cost analysis to see which is more affordable. We then discuss expectations as far as how long certain DIY projects take. Often times, our clients find that a project sounds beneficial DIY, but actually ends up costing more than they originally thought, let alone all the time and effort to complete. That's where my vendor contacts come in! And sometimes it makes more sense for our couple to do a DIY project; in that case, you didn't really have the client anyway.  At the end of the day, we work with our clients to discover the best path to completing their wedding.


Ok, that sounds good, but why should we choose your company?


First, we love weddings. We are confident, organized, and have great attention to detail. Beyond that, we can anticipate and plan for almost anything. When the day of your wedding or event arrives, you can be confident and relaxed knowing you have a team of experienced professionals ensuring your day is executed flawlessly. But, we could talk all day, best to show you. We offer complimentary in-person meetings (subject to location) where you get to know us, we know you, and you decide if we are the planners for you. Or, books us for one of your smaller events such as a birthday party, bridal shower, or engagement party and let us wow you with how on top of stuff we are!